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Yoga, Massages, cooking clases at Bali Villa Ubud

Truly long ago, Bali Villa Ubud has planned to include among our activities, yoga, massages and cooking class.

Since it will be need an ample living space for those activities, this inspiration is already a reality. We have acquired new land!!!

A construction has been made for our vast, beautiful 60 meters space, enabled to practice Yoga, Pilates, Thai Chi or any physical activities. This quiet spot presents magnificent views of the endless rice fields where Bali Villa Ubud is located.

Natural decoration highlights the use of local materials, tropical timbers for the laminate flooring, large coconut tree pillars, inevitable bamboo and the classic roof Balinese alang alang roofing. All perfectly designed to maintain the environment required is such physical activities.

Answering your questions of how to look younger, have much more energy or learn to live on life more healthy, Bali Villa Ubud offers a solution for you to rejuvenate your body, mind and style.

As the hours of the news, we introduced our renew SPA treatment place in sublime location facing natural wall formed by tall coconut trees, albezias, vines,   and following the course of sacred Singa river where you are being pampered by soft murmur of the stream.

Here list of our signature massages: Javanese Lulur, Boreh, Balinese, Facial, Back shoulder massage, aromatherapy, Swedish, reflexology, pedicure, manicure.

Massages courses schedule can be agreed either upon your arrival at the hotel or for from your own home by an email for your convenience.

In addition to exercise and massage, let us offer you the possibility to attend cooking classes and make succulent specialties, both Indonesian and Balinese. The appointment can be made in advance, either by email before your arrival or of course, also when you are already in Villa Ubud.

Special mention to communicate to all teachers of yoga, Pilates, or Thai Chi, we are willing to grant a special prices for groups, depending on the duration of the course, and the selection of meals. Retreats, short and medium duration can be also agreed.

These selections of photos give you the glimpse of how gorgeous and prominent place you can have.