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One of the facts that probably more surprise you in this magnificent Bali Villa Ubud, is its restaurant.

Incredibly well located at the top of the complex and from where you can see luxuriant vegetation, directly opposite and as a prelude to receipt our  culinary jewels  where a selection of Asian dishes is mixed to perfection, plus some classics  in addition to a vegetarian meal choice.

Positioned in the lobby area, the restaurant enables the guests to enjoy the food and at the same time to relish the view. As it is perched on the elevated area, above the pool, this is arguably considered as the place to go after the guests swim. Not to mention it is really refreshing because the guests can enjoy the natural tropical breeze from here. The restaurant itself has casual dining theme presenting the venue where the guests can relax.

Bali Villa Ubud is located just 5 kilometers from the town of Ubud, where there is a great variety of restaurants but we assure you that once you have tried our dishes, is more than possible that is what you want, just stay and enjoy our excellent service and incredible dishes.

Renting Bali Villa Ubud will give you a privilege to enjoy the dishes at the villa. For sure, a romantic dinner on the pool deck can also be arranged with the striking lighting effects boosting romantic atmosphere. Our staff will ensure that you have memorable experience with your loved one.

Bali Villa Ubud has its own restaurant presenting various menus to be chosen from. The international dishes could be the appropriate word to describe what this restaurant offers from Asian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Balinese, and Indonesian cuisines. You also have selections of fresh tuna, chicken, ham, vegetables and fruits. The courteous waiter and waitress full of smile will serve the fresh tasty foods cooked by our experienced chef.


Bali Villa Ubud Lunch and Dinner MENU