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Bali Villa Ubud

Banjar Pedapdapan (Jalan ke Cagan 1)
Pejeng 80552, Ubud
Bali – Indonesia
Tel/fax : +62 361 981824
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Bali Ubud Villa is set in Pejeng, Gianyar Regency, Bali, where downtown Ubud is a merely 10 minutes drive or equal 5 km away.  From Ngurah Rai International Airport you simply need more or less an hour drive. This villa is positioned close to the main road so that the travelers not need to drive trough a small village lane. However, tranquility is something definite here because our villa is a bit tucked away.

It is possible for us to pick you and your family up at the airport with our air-conditioned van. Let us know if you would like to arrange the airport transfer services. If you prefer going to the villa by driving or riding then follow this direction:

After passing the Pejeng market head straight north 1,3 km in the Tampaksiring direction, there will be small road turning to the right leading to Cagan which is where the Villa Ubud located.



Since long time ago many famous writers and painters have been hypnotized by the beauty of Ubud. And still today Ubud offers the same charm. Eat, Pray, Love; this motion picture starring a world-class actress Julia Roberts describes how well Ubud inspires people. This little town in Gianyar Regency is full of inspiration and is a truly comfortable place for those serenity seekers. Unlike other destinations in Bali offering beach as the main attraction or vibrant night life, Ubud is the place to contemplate to escape from hustling and bustling routines. Discover harmonious fusion between preserved Balinese traditional culture and modernity in Ubud.

By driving 60 minutes only from Denpasar you will discover what you would like to see in Ubud. A new public transportation to and from Ubud will be activated soon; yet while waiting for it, driving your car, riding the motorbike, or renting a taxi are the options. Being situated 800 meters above the sea level, Ubud is blessed with fresh air and lush vegetations. Savvy travelers never get bored relishing natural beauty including beautiful river banks, striking terraced paddy fields, and luxuriant forest. If you are here in Bali do not leave this island without visiting Ubud.

As Ubud is a little town, the best way to explore is by walking. Along the street there are so many art galleries selling various artistries and paintings. Casual cafes serving coffee, snacks, liqueur, and main course are there. If you need to read a good book, just drop by at Ganesha located at the main street where you will find thousands new and secondhand books.  Family or couples should visit some museums located in the main street of Ubud.  Many finest paintings created by international and local painters such as Arie Smit, Don Antonio Blanco, Rudolf Bonnet, Willem Gerard Hofker, Affandi, and many more are preserved there.

Not only art galleries, restaurants with eclectic menus are also spread out. Mozaic, one of the best five restaurants in Asia with its supreme menu is nestled in this lush town. In the meantime, some other superb restaurants will also fulfill your expectation of a wonderful gastronomic experience. Besides some top class restaurants Ubud also have some modest eateries serving simple yet appetizing dishes. Family or couple may also enjoy cooking classes held by some restaurants. You will experience shopping in a traditional market, cooking with a professional chef, and enjoy fine dining with the star meal you’ve prepared yourself.

Savvy travelers may not be able to ignore Ubud’s charm. Thus they decide to rent a private villa. Ubud is indeed renowned as home for hundreds of magical private villas. Renting a villa in Ubud enables the travelers to enjoy holiday in a secluded sanctuary. Almost all villas in Ubud are characterized by a magnificent location: nestled on the river bank, perched on the green river gorge, or simply surrounded by verdant tropical forest. It becomes a dream place to contemplate, meditate, even to do yoga. Rental in low season may give many benefits to the travelers due to lower rate.

With everything here in Ubud, no wonder long time ago famous writers and painters decided to live in Ubud for the rest of their life.



Sun, beach, fun might be three words people use to describe Bali. Wonderful culture, Art, and Nature are also the words used by others to portray Bali. Well, some people think words are not enough to describe this island of the gods. From colonial era to this current time in which modernity penetrates and try to replace traditionalism, Bali is managed well. By strengthening the traditionalism and welcoming modernity, Bali showcases the harmonious two different things living side by side. No wonder Bali gains popularity more and more from any type of travelers: family, friends, and couples.

There are direct international and local flights from and to Bali and it eases savvy travelers to have vacation in Bali. This little island part of Indonesian archipelago has its own international airport located on the southern area. Mass public transportation has been activated since a couple of years ago. Road traffic in Bali is relatively smooth comparing to some big areas in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya. Due to relative smooth traffic, many travelers prefer riding their motorbike to explore Bali.

The weather in Bali is lovely with average temperature between 21o – 33o C along the year. The travelers can enjoy more sun shine from April – October in the Dry Season. Yet, sun can be relished also sometime during October-April in the Wet Season.

Beach is the prime thing of Bali. Savvy travelers love to spend time on the beach, swimming, doing some water sports, sun bathing, and having massage. Popular beach destinations are Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Lovina, Nusa Lembongan, and some areas in the eastern part of Bali.

Many modest cheap accommodations and luxurious villas are spread out to give travelers more options. Villa should be your choice if you crave to stay at a secluded and private accommodation. Regarding to rental, there are many villas dedicated to family and friends who want to have vacation together. These villas have close proximity to major attractions and have wide-ranging children facilities to boost a great moment in Bali. In the meantime, romantic hideaways are a lot for couples who are in search for  cupid splendor and some romantic moments. Many villas are blessed with stunning views and wide grounds. Some of them have their own beautiful chapels as well, sothat brides and grooms choose them as the perfect venues to tie the knot.

In some cases, although some beach destinations such as Kuta and Seminyak offer vibrant night life, villas are purposively built in a hidden place to ensure privacy and serenity.

A cultural town situated in Gianyar regency offer different thing from majority. Ubud is blessed with natural beauty and fresh air where many writers, painters, and expatriates live in. There are many traditional dance performances people can see there besides its great restaurants serving wide array of menus. Instead of dropping by, many travelers especially family, friends, and couples decide to rent a villa surrounded by verdant forest and the river. Rental in all destinations are available in great number so what thing you should do is choosing and enjoying.


Ubud Villa Outdoor Activities

Holiday does not always mean to do nothing in a villa or simply just laying on bed. Of course breathtaking views should be relished to soothe the senses and give your body, mind, and soul relaxation time. Right after you think your body is ready to do anything just think about exploring Bali. Because Bali has many things to discover and experience, you and your loved ones need to plan a journey to see what Bali really has to offer. This trip to explore Bali may give you inspiration and spirit if you have arrived at your place and have to deal back with routines. In Bali Villa Ubud, we have a lot of activities and recommendations so that your holiday turns to be more exciting. Adventurers and culture lovers be ready for special journey and brand new activities you have never done before.

Ubud Villa Land Rover adventure

Land Rover Adventure will increase your adrenaline. This activity is designed for people who always crave for extreme adventure. Getting lost and stucked on an unpaved muddy road is something that needs your patience and intelligence to overcome but these things are pretty cool at the same time. It is not dangerous however so for those who come to Bali with family, they can invite family to join. Exploring Bali and especially Ubud showcasing natural beauty along the way using our Land Rover could be an interesting activity. It is something you can not do in a big city, so why wait to drive, get lost, and stuck.

Ubud Villa Cycling

Renting and staying at Villa Ubud perhaps increases your curiosity of tropical forest and indigenous vegetations. Cycling is the best way to discover and get closer to greenery. Trough cycling it is not only interesting experience you get by passing mountain trails, rice fields, and others but also helps to create a healthy body. This villa indeed has a swimming pool so that you can exercise but cycling can give you much more benefit especially to see the stunning natural beauty of Ubud and beyond. This activity may involve adults and children to take part. Cycling is also considered as a fun activity because you do not need to get rushed and you can simply pull over anywhere anytime to take a break before you continue the trip. This fun activity is a perfect choice for family or friends who want to familiarize.

Ubud Villa Rafting

This is another challenging activity. Ubud has a rafting river named Ayung River which provides the best rafting experience in Bali. People who stay in Ubud always try to challenge themselves by rafting. This is of course safe for your family members and friends as long as you follow the standard procedure and using international safety standard equipments. Always bring extra dry clothes in case the water make your body wet.

Ubud Villa Offering Class

When you rent this villa and step into the building you may see a staff who prepare and present offering. Bali Hindu Community is a community who always prepare offerings every single day for ancestors. The offerings could be rice and some side dishes like flowers, leaves, water, and others. For the outsiders, the offering thing is really unique and they would like to recognize what is the essential by preparing and presenting offering. Perhaps you are one of them. This villa has a class for you so that you can get the answers about the offerings and be close to Balinese culture with its unique traditions. In this class you will be taught how to make offering stuffs made from coconut leaves or banana leaves and the meaning behind it.

Ubud Villa Balinese Dance Class

Not all rentals in Ubud provide the dwellers with something like this. Bali Ubud Villa presents a Balinese dance class where you can learn to move like pretty Balinese dancers. You will be assisted with a professional Balinese dancer to learn how to dance one type of dance. The first thing you and other participants will do is watching a Balinese dance performance on DVD. And then the tutor will teach you from each and every movement until you remember all movements in a dance. Eventually all participants will perform the dance they have learnt.

In Ubud villa barbeque

Who does not like Barbeque in the afternoon? All people love to grill meat, paprika, and onions while share some jokes and laugh. Or our staff will grill them for you and serve on the table. In this lovely villa, a private BBQ party is possible to do. We have BBQ facilities and our staff will go shopping for all required ingredients. They will set BBQ facilities in the pool area or in the garden area and start to cook and grill the ingredients. While strengthening togetherness with your loved ones and friends, our staff will serve it to your table.

Ubud Villa Cooking Class

Many people are blown away by the tasty Balinese foods which uses various local spices. If you would like to serve a Balinese dish at your home then you should follow a cooking class provided by Bali Ubud Villa. A professional chef will prepare the secret recipe, ingredients and cooking utensils for you. What you need to do is to follow the steps given by the chef and remember it. After the dishes are ready, now it is the time for you to savor your incredible Balinese dishes that you’ve cooked by your self.

In Ubud Villa Spa

One reason you need to go for vacation is to reenergize your body, mind, and soul with an expectation that after having holiday you are ready to deal with some routines. Having a spa treatment is a thing which can rejuvenate, revive, and pamper your body, mind, and soul. By renting a room or the whole villa of Bali Ubud Villa you do not need to step outside to get spa treatment. This villa has spa facilities such as spa beds, spa products, sauna, Jacuzzi in an open-air area. The highly trained therapists and natural-ingredient based products promise refreshing your body from top to toe.