• Celebrate Galungan and Kuningan holyday (210 day (cycles).

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      Balinese people prepare everything for this day. Bali Villa Ubud is busy too. All staff is made in Bali Villa Ubud prepare the Jejaitan (praying instrument from young coconut leaves and flower that making in good creation), Tape (black rice that has been fermentation in the traditional process), Mepatung (time for slaughter the animals […]

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  • Saraswati Day

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    The Goddess of Knowledge, Learning, Science and Literature held on 4 October 2014 In accordance with Balinese Hindu belief, knowledge is an essential medium to achieve the goal of life as a human being. This day celebrates Saraswati in Bali, a special day devoted to the Goddess of knowledge, learning, science and literature. Saraswati rules […]

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      If you visit tourist information center there are many companies offer trekking programs to the rice terrace. The cost for those services quite expensive, because they provide free pick up and then drop you to the destination point where the trekking take place. If you stay at Bali Villa Ubud it is not necessary […]

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    Ubud is Bali’s major arts and culture center and this village is house of several great artists in Indonesia. Unlike South Bali Ubud focus remains on the remarkable Balinese culture. Beside of its culture Ubud also famous for its nature. The rice field, valley, and river in Ubud has inspired and influenced works of artists […]

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      Bali is a small island, but it has everything the tourist need, from traditional indigenous to modern activities. Bali is always a paradise for visitor, as Bali island has been nicknamed as the Paradise Island, the Majesty Island, the morning of the world, the island with thousand of temple and others. We do hope […]

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    ACTIVITIES You can find all afternoon and full day activities. We offer daily tour schedule and destination which will be explained to you at the check in, such as: We are happy to organize your vacation Tour around Bali, Cycling, Rafting, Trekking or Climbing, Bird park, Reptile park, Bali Zoo Park, Shopping to the place, […]

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    SPA & MASSAGE   Many Styles Of Massage And Treatment To Make You Feel Relaxed & Serene… Located on the rice field terraces with fresh air & nature surrounding you Traditional Javanese Lulur Balinese Boreh Spice Ritual Traditional Balinese Facial Balinese Massage Back and Shoulder Massage Swedish Massage Foot Reflexology Massage Aromatherapy Massage Villa Ubud […]

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  • Bali Villa Ubud Facilities

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    Facilities 1.      Breakfast Basic breakfast a set menu are included to your room. You are welcome to have fruits or juices, breads, coffee and tea, choices of egg, bubur ayam, fried noodles (bakmi goreng), and fried rice (nasi goreng). If you want to have more breakfast food, we have breakfast menu and you will pay […]

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  • Welcome to Bali Villa Ubud

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    WELCOME TO BALI VILLA UBUD   Selamat Datang! Warmest regards from staff and management Bali Villa Ubud We hope had a good flight or a good trip and the pickup was smooth. Now you are here in Bali Villa Ubud, welcome – feel at home! It all certainty is very tropical here. There are noises […]

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  • Bahasa Indonesia

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    Greetings: Good morning – Selamat pagi Good day (mid day) – Selamat siang Good Evening (afternoon) – Selamat sore Good night (when it’s dark) – Selamat malam Sleep well (when in the night) – Selamat tidur Thank you – Terima kasih You are welcome – Sama-sama   Small Conversation: How are you? – Apa kabar? […]

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