Bahasa Indonesia

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Good morning – Selamat pagi

Good day (mid day) – Selamat siang

Good Evening (afternoon) – Selamat sore

Good night (when it’s dark) – Selamat malam

Sleep well (when in the night) – Selamat tidur

Thank you – Terima kasih

You are welcome – Sama-sama


Small Conversation:

How are you? – Apa kabar?

I’m fine/good – Baik-baik/bagus

Can you help me? – Bisa bantu saya?

Where is the…..? – Dimana letak…..?

Where are you going? – Mau kemana?

Nice to meet you – Senang bertemu anda

What’s your name? – Siapa nama anda?

My name is….. – Nama saya …..

Be careful – Hati-hati



One beer please – Saya minta 1 beer

How much is….? – Berapa harga….?

Can I get it cheaper? – Bisa kurang?

That’s too expensive – Terlalu mahal



How far is…. from here? – Berapa jauh …. dari sini?

What time is it? – Jam berapa sekarang?

You are beautiful (lady) – Anda cantik

You are handsome (man) – Anda ganteng

I want to check out today – Saya mau cek out hari ini

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